Firstly I use powerful, proven coaching techniques to make your life-changing journey successful. From day, session 1, we'll start exploring how to get your work joy back and focus on removing mindset blocks and rebuilding your confidence.  I'll teach you effective techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, and combat overthinking. We work together through a structured, fully supported, transformation coaching program. Over 8 hours of coaching, workbooks and bonus coaching sessions will ensure you get clarity on your life and make it a reality. And on this program I'll walk beside you supporting you all the way. 

How will things change if you work with me?

It's not just you!  In our 40s and 50s, we often realise life needs a serious overhaul.

  • Life is OK but we are NOT happy and worse - we don't know what is wrong.
  • Work is stressful and unfulfilling - what we want is calm.
  • Life brings us unexpected trauma: redundancy or divorce, or it's just so busy we're exhausted.  
  • And the menopause is tough.  Confidence is low and overwhelm is high. 

Module 4 - Transformation part 1

Midway in-depth progress review. Transformation coaching part 1: Understand how our thoughts affect our chance of success. 

Module 5 - Transformation part 2
Transformation coaching part 2: Sense of self (connecting you with your inner confidence), so you can be  unstoppable.
Module 6 - Your recipe for success

Progress review and plan update. Nuture your superpower and ensure long-term success.

I'd love to help you create a fulfilling and satisfying midlife. It's my passion -  that is why I developed the Midlife Your Way program. It combines my experiences of a difficult midlife with some great coaching. If you are lost and overwhelmed I would love to help you.  

Places on my  Midlife Your Way program are limited because I give each client so much of my time.  If you are ready for change - don't wait. Book your free 30-minute call now. 

Midlife Your Way includes 8 hours of personal coaching, weekly accountability calls, a member's website with additional resources, access to me for extra calls and help with confidence and mindset issues. I'll be there to support and empower you 

If you are not ready for a full program there are other ways we can work together. Book a call now and find out more. 

For working women midlife can be hard!

Give me a few hours of your time and I'll show you how to

Live free of guilt and confidently create the life you want to live

Revamp your career  - think of satisfying and rewarding (retrain, self-employment, promotion)

Find your purpose in life for the second chapter. Your Midlife and beyond will be a truly magical time in your life

Embrace the new you - by accepting you are changing and living your new midlife flow


I worked in the corporate IT world for over 20 years. I was a professional woman struggling everyday daily to deal with stress. I couldn't switch off over the weekend to relax. I was working harder and faster to stay in what felt like the same place. The more I did this the less confident I felt.  I realised I was going to burn out and be ill if I didn't change something. 

Stress was the gift, the trigger if you like, to turn my life around.

Life coaching helped me do that. It helped me to find my confidence and start to believe in myself again.  In fact it was such a success that I retrained to help other women in the same situation. I started my coaching business in my 50s and I have never been happier. It's been hard at times but it's been a worth it and I'd love to help you feel like I do now "that life just gets better and better".  I hope you will join me on a life changing journey. 


What do you learn?

Module 1 - Hit the ground running

Learn how to deal with stress, and overwhelm, gain clarity on your goals (and timeline) and create a plan. Remove mindset blocks. 

Module 2 - Locate your inner drive

Find your dreams and passions, bring them along with the skills and experience you love using, and craft your dream job.  

Module 3 -  Momentum 
Remove self-sabotage, focus on self-care and align your values with your midlife plans. 

Is this program right for you? 

Is the Midlife Your Way program right for you? Yes if you are: 

  • A woman in your 40's 50s
  • Ready to wholeheartedly go on a journey of change with me
  • Willing to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Determined to prioritise the program 
  • Ready to be open and honest with yourself and with me.  


Book a 30 minute free call now. Let's meet with on Zoom or WhatsApp for a friendly chat to make sure. Places are limited and I am determined that anyone who joins me is going to get the result they require.