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We can't always do it alone.

I couldn't back in my early 50s when life was so stressful.  I know what stress and lack of confidence feel like, That is why I'd love to help you and based on my own journey I know I can.    

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This masterclass series is an 8 hour structured journey that will guide you to imagine and create your best and happiest midlife: 

  1. Remove negative self-beliefs, supercharge your confidence and find out what you need to live your fabulous midlife. 
  2. Discover what your new exciting working life will contain. Combine your skills, what you enjoy, and what you secretly always dreamt of doing (and maybe never had the confidence to do before) to reimagine your working life.
  3. Learn how to create a plan using my unique success strategy that will ensure you don't lose motivation and drive. 
  4. Empower yourself with a fabulous mindset, with techniques to ensure you maintain your newfound confidence and self-belief.
  •  8 hours of coaching
  • Two opportunities to join each class
  • Available on catch up  

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My eBook is all you need to start changing your midlife to find calm, joy and fulfilment - without the cost of a life coach.  And it's nearly yours. 

This self-coaching book is a journey through a series of steps to help you believe in yourself, find what truly matters to you and develop a failsafe plan to make your dreams and ambitions come to life.  

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I worked in the corporate IT world for over 20 years. I was a professional woman struggling everyday daily to deal with stress. I couldn't switch off over the weekend to relax. I was working harder and faster to stay in what felt like the same place. The more I did this the less confident I felt.  I realised I was going to burn out and be ill if I didn't change something. 

Stress was the gift, the trigger if you like, to turn my life around.

Life coaching helped me do that. It helped me to find my confidence and start to believe in myself again.  In fact it was such a success that I retrained to help other women in the same situation. I started my coaching business in my 50s and I have never been happier. It's been hard at times but it's been a worth it and I'd love to help you feel like I do now "that life just gets better and better".  I hope you will join me on a life changing journey.