Building Confidence at Work: Strategies for Success

    How Women Can Thrive in the Workplace?

    It’s International women's day on the 8th March. This blog is dedicated to all the women who are working - in any role at any level. Showing up for work every day and giving it your all.

    Even in today's modern workplace, women are facing challenges and setbacks that can hinder their workplace joy and professional growth. And let’s remember that not all of those challenges exist within the workplace. Indeed we can’t completely separate work from home.  Each will affect the other.

    There is no magic wand to fix all the challenges women in the workplace are facing, There are, however, strategies that can help.  By actively building their confidence women can make change happen. Starting with:

    • Creating a shared commitment at home so they can experience less pressure.
    • Exploring ways to overcome obstacles at work.

    Understanding the Challenges

    Before trying to find strategies for success, let's be clear on what the obstacles are. What are women often encountering in the workplace?

    Gender bias and stereotypes are common challenges.  These impede women’s career progression. They are more obvious, for example, not seeing a proportionate number of women in senior roles, women being overlooked for promotion and leadership roles, and pay discrepancies.

    These biases show up in more subtle ways too and may not be so easy to spot. The telltale signs could be women with a growing sense of frustration, lack of job satisfaction, and loss of confidence.

    I read a fascinating article on women in the workplace (in America and Canada). If you want to - check out this article

    The constant battle against gender-based obstacles can erode our self-assurance and build self-doubt. When women start believing they are not professionally capable and their skills and experience is not valued, I believe this starts a downward spiral.

    Ambition is quashed and women become reluctant to pursue their professional goals.

    As an aside, if you are job hunting, it is worth doing your homework and looking into your prospective employer.  How many women are employed and in what roles? If information is available – what pay gaps are there?

    Confidence Building for Working Women 

    By acknowledging and recognising these obstacles and barriers, women can proactively take steps to address them.

    Confidence is key to success in any field or area of life.  For women at work, it's especially important. When you consider we spend so much of our waking hours and days in our work environment, it’s no surprise that anyone, man or woman might eventually get worn down by the struggle.

    Here are some confidence-boosting and self-empowerment tips

    Embrace Your Achievements: Take pride in your accomplishments and don't shy away from highlighting your skills and contributions.

    So many women I coach find it difficult to speak about and own their achievements. They play down their part in success. Saying “it was just luck”, “I was part of a team”, “It was a team effort”, It was nothing really”. These are all signs that women are not confident.

    If this resonates with you, I challenge you to write down 5 successes (new and old, little and big) every day for two weeks. Next, read these items every day for another two weeks. In the longer term take up journaling. And make a conscious effort to own and celebrate your successes.

    I promise you it will help you build your confidence.

    Seek Mentorship: Connect with mentors or role models who can offer guidance, support, and valuable insights based on their own experiences. There is nothing like sitting face-to-face with another woman who has wisdom to share based on her battles with these issues.  Be willing to learn from their experience and accept their encouragement. 

    Invest in Professional Development: Continuously expand your skills and knowledge through training, workshops, and networking opportunities. Learning is a fabulous way to boost your confidence.

    Often there is funding in companies of all sizes for people to take courses etc. Don’t be afraid to ask.

    Seek balance outside of work: So many women are frazzled and exhausted.  After a day at work, striving to be successful and confident, they come home and find a never list of jobs to do.  Home should be a place of balance, with all tasks shared. 

    If you are doing more than your fair share of things at home, please look for ways to re-educate your household.  The first place to start is in your own head.   It’s not a failure to ask for help. Remember your life is precious and you deserve to have time to rest, relax and have fun. 

    How to Overcome Setbacks

    Setbacks are inevitable in life, as well as any career journey, and knowing how to respond to them will make a big difference to how quickly you get over them, and how much or how little they dent your confidence.

    Reframe Failure as Learning: It’s corny, we’ve all read articles and social media posts that tell us things like “there is no such thing as failure, only learning”. The reason there are so many of these words of wisdom is because they are true.

    Whenever you get a setback, remind yourself it’s an opportunity to learn and learning means growth, so it’s all fine.  Don’t listen to the negative voice in your head that tells you you are a failure, or inadequate.

    Tip: To quiet that unhelpful voice in your head - talk to it, in the third person. Say “I don’t need your help thank you I’ve got this covered”.  

    Stay positive. Keeping your focus on your goals helps to maintain a positive attitude. Acknowledge the progress you are making and be kind to yourself during difficult times.  Setbacks are normal. Everyone faces them, instead, see them as a sign to stop, review, and replan.

    In Conclusion

    There is no doubt navigating the workplace as a woman comes with its share of unique challenges. Start by admiting there are issues, and notice how you are responding to them. Find techniques and tactics that  will help you develop a positive mindset. In short.  

    • Notice what is playing out in your workplace
    • Come up with a strategy to boost your confidence.

    Be clear on your gohttps://us20.admin.mailchimp.com/als. Plan how you will get there and in that plan include tactics to overcome workplace challenges. Review progress and revise the plan regularly. If/when you encounter setbacks, take an unemotional look at them and devise a way to overcome them. 

    If you are a woman in her 40s and 50s and want a fast track to discovering your new life, get in touch to and consider joining my “Midlife Your Way” coaching program.

    Sometimes we all need help. You can make faster progress and enjoy the journey more with someone supporting you and "walking side by side with you".

    Email me: sue@confidencefirstcoaching.com with questions etc. I'll always reply and try to help. 




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