How tough is it being self-employed

    Want to know the real truth about how to become self employed? Well please join the second She Means Business Seminar on 12th May 2023. There is still time to register your FREE place.

    Who is running the seminar?

    Speakers for the event will be She Means Business founders, Kim Baldwin and Sue Hedley. Both successful female business leaders, Kim and Sue will offer insightful advice for women thinking about creating a start-up business.

    With their combined experience, the seminar is full of helpful advice from preparing mentally to delivering the basic legislative requirements with HMRC and taxation.

    Why Attend the She Means Business Seminar?

    You'll get real facts around what you need to decide and do in the early days to get started. Find out about doing things in the right order, that is important - doing things in the wrong order means you may make the wrong decisions and then have to back-track and waste time and money.

    Take part it some free coaching exercises  designed to boost your confidence and help you ditch those limiting self beliefs that will get in the way of your success.

    What stops most women from going ahead?

    Here are just a couple of things that often crop up.

    1. Fear of failure.  Do you feel you are constantly asking yourself: Do I have the ability to succeed? Is the prospect of selling your services/products so daunting. How comfortable are you when it comes to charging for what you do?  
    2. Worry about balancing work and family commitments is another big concern.  Being self-employed makes it much less stressful. You don't have to worry what the boss will say if you have to take the kids to the doctor, or simply need an extra hour off to get your thoughts straight. And boy let me tell you that is a real pleasure. 

    You'll get the chance to ask questions and become part of a supportive network. Here are some things you may be wondering? 

    • Should I be a sole trader or a limited company?
    • Can I do this if I don't feel confident?
    • What do I need to tell the HMRC and when?
    • I don't really know where to start with social media marketing?
    • What technology do I need?
    • What will be my best route to marking?
    • Where do I start - there are so many things to do?
    • How am I going to stay positive?

    This seminar is where you can get a boost of energy and enthusiasm. If you are interested in attending, then email hello@she-means-business.co.uk


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