Inspirational Women's Coaching: A Journey to Self-Assurance

    Inspirational Women's Coaching: A Journey to Self-Assurance

    The reason I get up in the morning  is because I love my work as a coach. I want to empower as many women in midlife as possible. Not everyone out in the world is as convinced as I am that coaching really works! 

    This blog is for anyone who is struggling,  wondering if coaching could be the answer.   My coaching is for women in midlife, but there are lots of specialist coaches out there,  so no matter what your circumstances are there will be someone who can help.  See the end of the article for more information on where you can find a trustworthy coach.

    Transformative Coaching for Women in Midlife

    Midlife can be a challenging time for women, with changes in career, family dynamics, and personal goals, as well as physical changes. It's common to feel, at best, a sense of uncertainty about what the future holds or more dramatically, a complete loss of confidence and direction. 

    I know from my personal journey  - with the right guidance and support - this phase of life can also be a time of incredible growth and self-discovery. 

    I hope these case studies highlight how coaching brings clarity, confidence, and purpose to women who are confused about their next career move and/or don’t know how to confidently move forward. 

    Case Study: Heather - Geographical Move Forced a Career Rethink

    Due to family reasons Heather moved to be nearer her family. Her husband took the opportunity to retire. Heather wanted to continue working however she was unable to find her direction. None of the jobs she could apply for appealed. She was confused about what she really wanted. 

    In her very first coaching session we uncovered the reason behind all the indecision and found the limiting self-belief that was causing the conflict. On the one hand she was telling herself she “ought” to apply for jobs that were a step-up, with more money. 

    In contrast, as we dug deeper it became clear to her that what she wanted was less stress in life and a better work-life balance.  Hence the lack of clarity and feeling lost.

    We had originally planned for 6 - 8 sessions. In fact after just 4 sessions she was feeling so clear and so free of her limiting self-belief that we both agreed she didn’t need any more sessions. 

    Case Study: Sophie - Rediscovering Confidence and Direction 

    Sophie is in her 50s. She reached out to me after being made redundant. She was struggling with a loss of confidence and uncertainty about her next career move. 

    Coaching needed to bring clarity about what her next career move would be and rebuild her confidence and self-belief after the trauma of redundancy.

    We built up a picture of her next job: we looked at her key skills and strengths and found the ones that she enjoyed using. We looked at her talents and capabilities. Interestingly there were things on this list she didn’t acknowledge and/or value). We also looked at things like geography, salary, company culture, size etc.  

    Through this series of exercises, deep questioning, and reflection, Sophie gained clarity on her next career move. 

    It was also key to rebuild Sophie’s confidence. We examined how she limited herself with negative ideas about what she was and wasn’t capable of, how people saw her. All this was  particularly relevant after the redundancy.  

    To rebuild someone's confidence I use advanced coaching techniques including NLP and hypnotherapy and assign back-up exercises in between. Sophie signed up for a course to further her skills in an area she wanted to develop and started confidently applying for jobs. 


    These case studies demonstrate the transformative power of life coaching for women in midlife. Through personalised support, guidance, and empowerment, women like Sophie and Heather have the opportunity to rediscover their confidence, clarify their goals, and pursue their passions with renewed purpose and vigour. 

    If you're navigating a similar journey and seeking support, know that you're not alone. There are so many fabulous coaches out there ready to help you. Please make sure you find one that is certified and/or independently accredited so you know you will be safe hands. 

    The IAPC&M has a directory of accredited coaches and courses and a guide to help you choose the right coach.

    I am proud to be an accredited coach with the IAPC&M. 

    I would love to help you unlock your full potential and create a future filled with possibility and promise. I insist that I give you a free coaching session after we have an initial chat, so you can experience coaching and make sure it’s right for you, and I’m the right person to coach you. Book your free chat and session here. 



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