Female Empowerment Workshops: Nurturing Confidence Within


    Female Empowerment Courses: Nurturing Confidence Within 

    In my world the quest for equality and women's empowerment isn't just talk; it's about helping real women experience real change. I suppose I would describe myself as a practical person, not fond of fancy talking. I like to get things done. 

    Therefore, as a coach for women in midlife, I love nothing more than seeing a woman recognise and embrace her self-worth. Because once she knows her value, her confidence soars, and from there, career change and life revamp are possible.

    Life just gets better and better.

    The power to change lives

    I’ve not only seen the magic that empowerment brings to a woman's life through my coaching clients. I’ve experienced it myself. 

    My childhood was traumatic, mostly living with a single parent who had mental health issues and was, as a result, an alcoholic. As I went into adulthood, I was most definitely NOT empowered.

    Through love and fantastic friends, I slowly rebuilt my confidence. 

    The big shift happened in my 50s when I recognised I was repeating ycles of work-related stress. I had zero self-confidence. I was miserable. I could no longer pretend life was OK. I found the help I needed: from counselors and coaches. 

    I now work as a life coach for women in midlife and beyond. I’m confidently running my own business. 

    I am not going to say I am empowered as that hints that it’s done and finished. I believe empowerment is a journey. I’m on that journey and I’m loving it. It’s a journey I wish for all women, especially those feeling lost, and unconfident, with no idea of the amazing person they are. 

    I wish it for the girls and women around them.  When you shine your light and show others what an amazing journey it is, they will join it too. 

    Empowering women at this life stage (or any other)  is like handing them a superhero cape. 

    What resources are available? 

    There are so many options. It’s impossible to investigate and share them all. I’m focusing on just a few workshops and resources that might help. 

    I’ve compiled this list after spending time on Google doing research and also going to the websites of organisations I’ve heard about.  

    I’m not affiliated with, nor have direct experience with these organisations, so please do due diligence.  Do your research and find the right thing for you and your circumstances. 

    Women’s empowerment courses

    1. The Civil Service College 

    Have a range of courses some are for both men and women and some just for women only, for example: Women and Breakthrough Leadership


    2. LinkedIn Learning

    In the LinkedIn courses section, I searched for “Women’s Empowerment” and came up with these four courses. There are bound to be others - this is just an example.

    • Strategies for Female Empowerment
    • Overcoming Gender Barriers
    • Embracing Empowerment
    • Advancing Women of Color: Go from first or few to Many.

    What I liked about the LinkedIn courses are it’s easy to find them, clear to see if they count towards CPD/CEU points, and you get the full details about the course structure/content.  You can also check out the reviews. 

    Then as a bonus, as you delve deeper you are shown similar courses that might be relevant.

    I was invited to subscribe for a month for £34.99 and I could cancel anytime or I could pay for an annual subscription at the equivalent of £14.99 per month. 

    3. Udemy 

    Udemy has a huge and varied range of courses. I searched for “Women’s Confidence”.  I got a long list of courses, Topics ranged from confidence and mindset to public speaking. 

    What I liked about Udemy is: the vast range of courses, mostly very reasonably priced. You can see details of each course and read the reviews. 

    4. iStudy

    iStudy has over 2000 courses listed. I’m honestly not sure what drew me to this site and kept me there. Something resonated with me.

    I searched for “Women’s Empowerment” and came up with a useful list of courses. 

    The courses state how long they will take, and if they count towards CPD points. 

    The two courses I looked at led me to believe I could get tutor support too.  I didn’t check this out so a) I don’t know if this is for all courses and b) if it’s included in the course price. But it's worth investigating. 

    Their prices seemed reasonable and they have a couple of offers on at the moment. 

    5. Eventbrite

    This is a little different from the above - it’s events-related, so has a broader remit. From comedy events to career events. 

    Again I searched for “Women’s Empowerment” and got quite a good return. For example: 

    There were other less business-oriented options too, such as health and wellness. 

    For each event, you can see the agenda, cost (the ones I looked at were very low priced), location etc. 

    6. Midlife Your Way coaching program

    Since I’m writing this blog I can add my own “Midlife Your  Way” coaching program. 

    After taking this 6-week course (note it can be extended to 12) Women will have clarity on the next stage of their professional career (and personal lives too - after all they are intertwined).  

    You will no longer be confused and overwhelmed. You will find out what your next life chapter is about for you, and using latest coaching techniques you’ll will want to embrace change with a sense of excitement that comes from doing what you know matters to you. And we’ll eliminate the limiting self-beliefs that are getting in the way. 

    All this happens through one-to-one coaching with me, bonus sessions such as hypnotherapy and NLP, and an immersive and supporting coaching solution. 

    For example, you will love knowing I’m there for those extra quick calls and chats: maybe when you need a boost of confidence before a tricky meeting or want help to move your mindset to a positive one during a difficult week.  

    If you want to be empowered and explore coaching with me please Book a time directly in my calendar and we’ll have a no-strings chat. 

    In Conclusion 

    There are so many courses, workshops and events out there. Have fun  exploring.  Don’t forget to check out local courses and events which have the added bonus of linking you up people in your area to meet face to face.  

    Have fun and become empowered. 

    Please  comment below if you find some great courses or have some ideas and helpful tips to share. 


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